Tuesday 12 February 2019

Proceeds of Crime - 2016

A suspect gem from 2016! An animated insight into the vagaries of the Hutch Kinehan gangwar in Dublin. Set during our nation's glorious commemorations for the 1916 Rising. Premiered at the 2016 Galway Film Fleadh.

Dead Guy image from 'Proceeds of Crime' short film 2016

Thanks to Thomas and Didi for the music. Jenny Kelly Produced, thank you!


Friday 24 April 2015

President Michael D. Higgins and Armenian Genocide Day

After 11 months without any 'cutbacks' uploads, I was forced to respond to President Michael D's participation in Turkey's Gallipoli commemoration ceremonies, moved by the Turkish government from the usual date of 25th of April to the 24th of April - why? Purely to clash, coincide with and eclipse the 100th remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, traditionally remembered each year on April 24th. Sure, remembering the Irish dead in Gallipoli is great, but not on this particular day, and not in Turkey on this particular day... This is what Michael D. should have said in Turkey today...


Tonight, news.am points out that the Irish PM (Enda Kenny) has failed to use the word 'genocide' in expressing his condolences for the Armenians' 'terrible suffering and loss'...


The Armenians are using the forget-me-not flower as the symbol of their genocide remembrance. The remembrance campaign is titled 'remember and demand' (demand that the genocide is recognised.


Friday 11 April 2014

Eamonn O Neill - IADT AnimSoc

Congratulations to Emily Lynch and Ross Ryder of the IADT Animation Society for following up their success with Louise Bagnall's recent fantastic talk with a one hundred and fifty minute epic talk and presentation by Eamonn O Neill! Entitled 'things I thought and things I think...'

Key Eamonn O Neill learnings from the evening...

99.9% of engineers do NOT make guitar pedals...
Be transparent (be open and honest with people)... (this actually comes from Eimhin)
It HAS to be human!
Make rules, set boundaries and start thinking about your work... Rules shouldn't be arbitrary, they should be based on the emotional intent of your film...
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should... Be economic.
Have BALLS - be scared - safe is boring.

Personal is universal! The more personal it is, the more universal it is.

Make work and show people. (get it out there, you don't know who's watching)

from eamonnoneill.ie

You get the work that you DO!
BAD experiences are STILL experiences.
There's politics and bullshit EVERYWHERE!
The grass is not always greener.
Reach out, ask questions, be a sponge.
You make your own luck (good luck follows hard work, work hard and get lucky)...
Learn always, because skills are brillz...
GO for stuff, you have nothing to lose!
It's okay NOT to know!
Don't plateau (just keep moving forward, keep trying to progress)
Say thanks - don't be a dick to people, there's enough dickheads EVERYWHERE!

Inspirational stuff! A joy to hear!


Saturday 5 April 2014

All Good Things!

Highly talented (but impoverished) award year Animation students from IADT are holding an off-campus exhibition/screening/event in Dublin's Lighthouse Cinema and Block T in June. The kids are funding the exhibition through cake sales and Fundit! Give generously and become part of the project!

We are all IADT students, but ALL GOOD THINGS is not an IADT event, it's completely independent and self-generated. However, hosting an exhibition and screening, printing artwork, creating a zine and serving food & refreshments doesn't come cheap, so we've set up a FUND IT campaign to help cover a portion of the costs. 

We'd appreciate any contribution you could make! In return we're offering a range of rewards, and you'd be investing in the night itself, our artwork, and our futures.

Check out our FUND IT page here: http://fundit.ie/project/all-good-things

Become part of some epic animation stories!



Wednesday 12 March 2014

New Film Progresses Slowly

Have finally (after 8 months of agonising) started the construction of characters for my new film 'The King and The Princess'. Here are 4 heads started - they'll have interchangeable mouths and foreheads. The heads will be proportionally large, making the characters feel much less 'realistic' and much more like puppets. The film will use the 'cutbacks' production pipeline, but I'll endeavour to (in the words of Steve Woods) 'make it look a little bit more finished'. I'm still thinking of using Paradjanov style collage layouts... Hopefully start shooting on Paddy's weekend...

first heads for 'King and Princess' film

The film was eventually titled 'A Warning To All Kings' and premiered at the 2014 Galway Film Fleadh.

'A King falls in love with a beautiful princess and is completely destroyed in the process! Poor eejit!'

Thanks to Sophie Quin for voice. Fiona Hill Produced.


 image link to Youtube video of 'A Warning To All Kings' 2014

'cutbacks' for IADT MA Broadcast Production

Thanks to Siobhain Kehoe for asking me to appear with some 'cutbacks' characters on her IADT MA Broadcast Production live tv show 'THE COMEDY CROWD'. Shot in the new NFS tv studio on Wednesday 4th of February. Well done presenter Tara Flynn and 'Totally Wired' musical comedy group Emmet Quinn and Lorcan Hughes, who performed their hilarious 'Organ Donor' song...

'cutbacks' characters ready to roll in new NFS building tv studio

Friday 21 February 2014

Murakami Funeral

Yesterday afternoon, in St. Patrick's in Monkstown, we gathered to say goodbye to Jimmy T. Murakami. Some really touching words, reflecting the man's great generosity and his human impact on us all. Farewell Jimmy!