Sunday 18 November 2012

Am I Suing Anglo The Musical?

Some one asked me at this week's Cork Film Festival if I was suing Ross O' Carroll Kelly for his shameless copying of my 2009 Cowen character in the new 'Anglo The Musical'? I admit that the Anglo puppets look extremely like my 'cutbacks' characters. Anglo producer Darren Smith (a 'cutbacks' fan) did contact me a long time ago, proposing collaborations and asking me if I'd consider helping to write the musical. I declined! And no, I won't be suing the Anglo The Musical production team...

I still think my Mister Cowen character looks better than theirs!

Saturday 10 November 2012

Dave Fanning Show

Thanks to Dave Fanning for inviting me to appear on his radio show, to talk about animation'. I appeared on the show with Kavaleer's Andrew Kavanagh and Jerome Morrissey (boss of Ballyfermot Senior College back in the 1980's and 1990's) phoned in from Kenya!

Dave Fanning described my father and I as 'Irish Animation Royalty', responsible for making some of the most memorable children's programming on RTE! Thank you Dave! A very enjoyable discussion, covering animation in general, some Irish animation history and the current and future potentials of 'platform agnostic' media.

You can access the discussion on RTE i-player... We appear from from 01:07:51!rii=1%3A10070848%3A1031%3A10%2D11%2D2012%3A

Thanks to Eithne O' Carroll, producer of the show for all her phonecalls and assistance.

Friday 9 November 2012

'cutbacks' Jeds return for Children Referendum

The 'cutbacks' Jeds make an appearance late in the referendum campaign, taking the government to task for their 'neither fair, impartial or equal' lies and propaganda...

Curiously enough, the Referendum Commission still chose to slap a referendum advert onto the vid! Absurd...

RTE Arena Radio Show

A very good Arena interview with Donald Taylor Black on Wednesday 7th November, about Donald's 'Skin In The Game' documentary. The documentary looks at artists' responses to the Celtic Tiger Crash. David Quin is mentioned and our 'cutbacks' Jedwards were played on air...

Only slight problem was that the presenter described me as 'a Brown Bag animator'. Apologies to Cathal and Doc!