Monday 14 October 2013

Liverpool Irish Festival - IndieCork Irish Shorts Programme 2

Excellent reception for Una Feely's IndieCork Shorts Programme 2 at FACT tonight. Highlights included Mairtin de Barra's 'Atrophy' and Lorcan Finnegan's 'Foxes', as well as Oonagh Kearney's 'There's a Tin Cup Rolling'. My disgraceful 'Furniture' film went down well and Rinky's 'Salmon of Knowledge found many new friends! Great chat afterwards with Cathy Brady and some really appreciative punters. Thanks again to Una for the invite to participate and present. Thanks also to Jake from the Liverpool Irish Festival. Cathy and I head back to Ireland tomorrow, but the festival film screenings continue with three films themed around 'The Irish Revolutionary' and end with a screening (Thursday 17th in FACT) of 'Adam and Paul', after which there'll be a Q+A with Director Lenny Abrahamson! Altogether, a great trip to Liverpool! We shall be back!

Liverpool Irish Festival - DQ presents Irish Shorts Programme 2!

For my sins, IndieCork's Una Feely has given me the task of presenting tonight's Liverpool Irish Festival's Irish Shorts 2 programme at the very impressive Liverpool FACT at 18.30. Films include 'Atrophy', 'Foxes' 'Two Wheels Good', along with Rinkydink's 'Salmon of Knowledge' and my disgraceful 'Furniture - Murder and Love'. All prayers welcome!

Liverpool Irish Film Festival - Screening One

Irish Shorts Screening One at FACT in Bold Street Liverpool last night - nice crowd! 'Rubai' and Clare Brady's 'Wasted' probably the highlights of the show. 'Mister Heaney, a wee portrait' went down grand and DVD for 'leitronium' glitched, leading to a rather fractured-narrative experimental result - weird! 'Salmon of Knowledge' and 'furniture' tonight - may the DVD Gods shine upon us!

Thanks to Una Feely for the invite to participate!

Friday 11 October 2013

IndieCork Film Festival

I'm presenting my 'satirical films' at 19.30 in Fellini's in Cork on Friday 18th of October as part of the first IndieCork Film Festival! Thanks especially to Mick Hannigan and Una Feely for the invite to present! I'll be showing the various Mister Heaney films, Rinkydink and the Salmon of Knowledge and my disgraceful 'Furniture - Murder and Love'. All welcome! We'll have a laugh!

Thursday 10 October 2013

Liverpool Irish Film Festival

Thanks to IndieCork's Una Feely for inviting me to show 4 films at the Liverpool Irish Film Festival... 'Mister Heaney, a wee portrait'. 'Leitronium'. 'Rinkydink and The Salmon of Knowledge'. 'Furniture - Murder and Love' in the Irish Shorts programmes on Sunday and Monday... According to the programme, I shall introduce the films....

Sunday October 13th, 6:30 pm
Monday October 14th, 6:30 pm
FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ

A programme of classic and contemporary short films curated by Úna Feely of IndieCork Film Festival

IndieCork’s Una Feely brings us some of the best and most interesting short films produced in Ireland this year, as well as some of the great shorts of the past. Once again the screenings will be introduced by some of Ireland’s finest young filmmakers. IndieCork is a new festival of independent cinema based in Cork, Ireland.

Skin in The Game

Donald Taylor Black's documentary 'Skin in The Game' (2012) was shown in The Pavilion, Dun Laoghaire last night (091013), to an enthusiastic audience of 120 people! Several people in IADT were surprised to see me onscreen, with my long hair... My Gawd! Only two years ago - seems like a lifetime!

Thursday 26 September 2013

Furniture for Cork Film Festival!

'Furniture - Murder and Love' has been selected for the 58th Cork Film Festival (November 9th to 17th 2013). It's disgraceful! Festival Programme to be published by October 2nd.

Monday 9 September 2013

'Furniture - Murder and Love' marches on...

The 'cutbacks' short film 'Furniture - Murder and Love' will be screened at the 2013 Dublin International short Film and Music Festival DISFMF (quite a mouthful). Doesn't appear to be in competition though...

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Lab Grown Burger

Jazis, the latest wonder of science is a lab-grown beef burger, a Frankenburger, funded by Sergey Bryn, co-founder of Google. All the problems in the world and science grows us more fast food. What next? Cloned Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Friday 2 August 2013

Furniture - Murder and Love! - This Made No Sense!

Lovely Youtube comment from KrazyKomix, longtime 'cutbacks' supporter, on the latest 'Furniture - Murder and Love' film...

This made no sense

How right the kid is... Have entered the Furniture film (fingers crossed) into a few more festivals. We shall see...

Friday 19 July 2013

'Furniture - Murder and Love' - funniest film I saw...

Whilst Laura describes the film as 'FILTH', Melissa says 'Doorty' and Joachim Pietsch says 'brilliant', Padraig Fagan's comment is still my favourite... 'the funniest film I saw at the film fleadh over the weekend'. Praise indeed! Thanks to all! Keep watching!

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Submit 'Furniture' to 2013 IndieCork Film Festival

Have just submitted 'Furniture - Murder and Love' to the 2013 IndieCork Film Festival! Deadline for entries is 29th July. Festival is on from 16th to the 20th of October. Fingers crossed...

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Furniture - Murder and Love

The latest disgraceful 'cutbacks' short film 'Furniture - Murder and Love' first screened in July at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh.

Murder, lust and love in the world of Irish Folk Furniture. Will our hero Peadar survive to save his love, the wonderful, beautiful Deirdre?

Thanks to all! Apologies to Tony Donoghue and thanks to You Know Who for your patience with me... Click below to view the film on Youtube...

Monday 15 July 2013

2013 Galway Film Fleadh

Screened my latest disgraceful 'cutbacks' short film 'Furniture - Murder and Love' at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh. Film went down very well, with everyone laughing at the right places etc... After the screening, Brown Bag's Cathal Gaffney told me that 'a special place resides in hell for DQ'! Indie Cork's Mick Hannigan told me that I was 'a very very bad man' and Stephen Duignan confirmed that I was 'a dirty old man'! So, everyone happy! There's no point in making a provocative comedy if no-one responds!

Delighted also that Rory Kerr (2013 IADT Animation graduate) won the Best First Animation category at the Fleadh. Alan O' Cuileann (2003 IADT Animation graduate) also won the Don Quijote Award for his Frameworks animation 'CODA'.

The 2013 IADT Galway gang... Claire, Rory, Natalie, Peavoy, Matt, DQ, Tom and Amelia

Congrats also to IADT animation grads Claire Lennon, Thomas Young, Natalie ni Chlerigh, Matthew Porter, as well as recent grads Eamonn O' Neill and John Peavoy who all showed animations at the Fleadh.

Galway winner Rory Kerr and DQ

Well done to winners and participants all! The Best Fleadh yet! I look forward to next year's Fleadh with renewed determination!

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Lucinda Lucinda

Enda worries about what his darling Lucinda might do in the abortion vote... Which way will she go? Could we care less? Shot in a Gas Mark 7 studio in the middle of a heatwave...

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Bankers Snowden and Egypt

'cutbacks' returns after weeks of silence... It took some courage to face an animation studio on the hottest day since volcanoes dominated the Irish landscape... Survived the shoot. Rehydration, rehydration, rehydration...

Monday 27 May 2013

Fastnet is Done!

Monday morning and we're waiting for the van to arrive from Tipp to derig the Schull windows after the hugely successful 2013 Corona Fastnet Film Festival! Commendations to Maurice, Maria, Marie, Bridie, Helen, Hilary, all the Fastnet volunteers, Martin, Colin and Emmett! Great round-table discussion yesterday (Sunday) with Darragh O' Connell, Rob Cullen and Gerard O' Rourke - thanks to the guys for making the effort to come down for the Festival! Thanks too to Katy for keeping me straight for the weekend!

Here's me about to present the Best Animation prize to Lorcan Finnegan (for Conor Finnegan's 'Fear of Flying'). Congrats to Conor (and to Lorcan too for Best Director)!

And a close-up of my 'To Forget' window in Headquarters Hairdressers in Schull...

Saturday 25 May 2013

Schull Windows - Doc's images

Finished my 'Anatomy of An Internet Series' presentation in Schull today, at the 2013 Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival - all good! Here are two images taken by Brown Bag's Darragh O' Connell, of me with two of my 'museum' windows...

schull - dunin window

schull - to forget window

Monday 20 May 2013

All the Fastnet Windows!

The addresses for the Fastnet Short Film Festival windows in Schull, County Cork... The frontpage of the Festival website describes the installations like this...

Check out Arundel’s, Whyte’s Bookshop, Schull Dentist, the festival Box-Office, Headquarters Hairdressers and Divecology have all had their windows transformed by David Quin and Katy Goodhue into a temporary museum celebrating 36 years of stop-motion animation by the Quin family.

bailebeag window from schull

The information for the windows is at the following blogspot addresses...

Friday 17 May 2013

Fastnet - Daisy Shoe, Floradora and Neddy

Three more RTE stopmotion series from the late 1980's and early 1990's - Daisy Shoe, Floradora and Neddy. Characters featured here are Floradora's Roko, Polly, Frederick, The Colonel and Mirandabelle, The Daisy Shoe's Porky Pete, Bunny, Bossy Duck and Nutty the Rooster and Neddy's Joey and Maeve.

Floradora -The Colonel, Roko and Mirandabelle

The Daisy Shoe and Mirandabelle were constructed using aeroboard foam. It was light and easy to carve into curving, organic shapes, a much more flexible material than the wood of the early ‘Bailebeag’ sets.
The Daisy Shoe - Nutty The Rooster
Floradora was written by Margaret Connolly and was animated by Jim Quin and David Quin. Both the Daisy Shoe and Neddy were written, directed and animated by David Quin.

Neddy with a boat

Fastnet - The Art of Animation Window

This window features models from 'Jack O' Metti', one of David Quin's many incomplete short films. The window also features stopmotion characters from 'This Terrible Visitation', yet another abandoned project about The Famine. Something of the chaos of the stopmotion workshop is suggested by the recreated workbench - a mishmash of wire, acrylic paint, models, cardboard, tools, postcards, cigarette packets, sketches and drawings.

Jack O' Metti

Jack O' Metti - the Studio

Fastnet - 'cutbacks' window

'cutbacks' is David Quin's satirical internet series. Started in 2009, the series has shamelessly lampooned Irish political and public figures and hit big viewing figures during the recent Irish Presidential campaign. Several short films have emerged from the ‘cutbacks’ series. ‘Mister Heaney, a wee portrait’ won Best Animation at the 2010 Galway Film Fleadh and ‘leitronium’ won the Irish Consulate Award at the 2012 Chicago Irish Film Festival. Both trophies are displayed in this window, along with a cardboard factory set and a Seamus Heaney mask from ‘leitronium’.

Mister Heaney on Silver Strand, Sherkin Island, Cork

cutbacks - President Michael D. Higgins
The cutbacks series is available at... 2010
The cutbacks short film 'leitronium' is available at...
The cutbacks short film 'Rinkydink and The Salmon of Knowledge' is available at...

Fastnet - 'To Forget' Window

'To Forget' was David Quin's first stopmotion short film, produced in 1991 on 16mm film. The film was 15 minutes long and received an Arts Council Film and Video Award.

To Forget - The Fool and Rosa
The film told the story of a fool who wandered the world in his unhappy attempts to forget the love of his life, the beautiful Rosa. This film was heavily influenced by the 1991 Gulf War. This window also features some of David Quin’s sculptures, three figurative works and an abstract ‘Tall Tower’.

To Forget - A Death of The Fool

To Forget - War Machines

Fastnet - Dunin and Circus Window

In the late 1990's RTE decided to replace the perennial 'Bosco' series with a new pre-school series called 'The Morbegs'. David Quin produced three series of inserts for The Morbegs 'Dúnín', 'Circus' and 'Machines'.
This window features sets from 'Dunin', as well as stopmotion characters from 'Circus' and 'Dúnín, including the largest stopmotion character we ever built, the giant Deirdre.

Dunin - Deirdre The Giant

Dunin - Gruigeach

Dunin - Queen Minnie

Dunin - Luchin the magical mouse

Fastnet - 'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' Window

'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' was a short film funded by the Frameworks scheme (RTE, Film Board, Arts Council) in 2009 and produced by Steve Woods. 'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' told the story of coal miners from Sleveardagh in County Tipperary, in their own words. The voice for the film emerged from a schools project run by David Quin's wife, sculptor Katy Goodhue.
T'Was a Terrible Hard Work - drilling
'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' won Best Animation at the 2010 Corona Fastnet Film Festival and is also featured in The 2013 Fastnet Film Festival Horsebox, interpreted by local artist Deirdre Cairns.
T'Was a Terrible Hard Work - tub of muck


Fastnet - Bosco and Bailebeag Window

This window shows models from Quin Films earliest stopmotion projects. Jim Quin started animating stopmotion series for RTE in 1976, starting with 'Bailebeag', an ambitious series in Irish and English. Jim Quin then animated hundreds of inserts for RTE's Bosco series, including 'Tongue Twisters', 'Gregory Grainneog', 'Aesop's Tales' and 'Faherty's Garden. 'Gregory Grainneog' was the first Irish claymation series. Some characters from RTE’s ‘Muintir na Móna’ are also shown.

Bosco - Tongue Twisters
The characters for Tongue Twisters, Muintir na Móna and Aesops were designed and built by Monica Mc Cormick.
Bosco - Faherty's Garden - Cornelius The Crow
Many of the original Bailebeag sets were constructed in the woodshop in The National Film Studios in Bray, Co. Wicklow, truly miniature film sets.
Bailebeag - Jimin and Sean
Bailebeag was revived in 1984, with new models and a stopmotion system based on one developed by Oliver Postgate (of 'Bagpuss' and 'Clangers' fame). The ‘Uncle Benny’s’ garage in the window was built in 1984 by Paddy Glynn. David Quin designed and constructed all of the Quin Film's stopmotion models from 1984 onwards.

Friday 26 April 2013

The 2013 Corona Fastnet Film Festival - Schull County Cork from 22nd to 26th May!

The 2013 Corona Fastnet Film Festival (in Schull County Cork from 22nd to 26th May) has invited me to look at ‘aspects of Irish Animation’. I will be chairing a round-table discussion of Irish Animation studio heads and practitioners. We’re hoping to get Boulder Media’s Rob Cullen, Brown Bag Film’s Darragh O’ Connell and possibly Paul Young from Cartoon Saloon. The discussion will be entitled ‘Irish Animation – Boom or Bubble?’

I’ll also be doing my presentation ‘The Anatomy of an Internet Series’ and one of my stopmotion short films will be featured in the Festival’s prestigious ‘Horsebox’ screening booth, the film interpreted by local artist Deirdre Cairns. Finally, models, props and characters from my stopmotion short films, TV series and other projects will be displayed in themed shop windows around the village of Schull. I’m exhausted already.
Here's me last week, on a recce in Schull with some of the Festival Committee...

Internet - No Breaks Allowed!

Having been interrupted by flu over Easter, cutbacks video production was seriously curtailed... Subscriber senzers69 noticed...

senzers69 5 days ago
It seems like ages since you posted a video Cutbacks, this is the internet no breaks allowed!!!lol, good to see you back at it.

Thanks senzers69!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Ming Again!

Thanks to Luke Ming Flanagan for retweeting my latest 'cutbacks' Ming and Mick episode... Like Louis and Rick in Casablanca, this could just be the start of a beautiful friendship...

Maynooth - Digital Media

David Quin has been invited back to NUI Maynooth to give a cutbacks/Brown Bag Films presentation to final year Digital Media students on the 17th April 2013!

Maynooth's Barry Mc Cabe writes...

The module is Multimedia Production Management, and it is for final year Digital Media students. Myself and Yvonne McDonald teach this course and we take a practical approach to the module in that we split the students into groups and give them specific projects to manage, and the marks for the semester are based on their progress with managing the process.

Also, we get people from the industry in to give them talks on various aspects of digital media in the real, working world. We have had people from Facebook, Google, Webfactory, Havok etc come in at various times.

So the theme of the talks is primarily how digital media works in the real world and how can the students apply their skills going forward. You experience with Brown Bag and would make for an extremely interesting talk.

I look forward to it... Of course, I'll have to talk to my pals in BB first - get some corporate clearances!

Friday 1 March 2013

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Youtube Video Views culled!

The dreaded day has come! Video views on the 'cutbacks' channel on Youtube have been slashed back to October 2011 figures, from 373,000 to 158,000. How could this happen? Well, channel video views now only counts views from what Youtube term 'active' videos. Naively, in the past, I used to delete videos from the channel, to 'freshen it up'. How wrong was I!

Here's the rather formal message from our friends in Youtube...

The view count shown on your YouTube channel now includes only views from public videos. To include views from private or unlisted videos, change them to 'public'. YouTube Analytics channel view counts will continue to include views from all videos that were public at the time the view occurred even if the videos are now private, unlisted, or deleted.
It still feels like a 'loss' of 215,000 honestly earned video views. Wow, these internet video platforms sure have a way of demoralising content producers and creatives... Don't they know how paranoid, tired and vulnerable we are? I don't take these issues to heart...

Saturday 16 February 2013

Fianna Fail Lead Polls

Jazis! The IPSOS MRBI poll was no flash in the pan! Now a Millward Brown poll puts Fianna Fail in the lead, two points ahead of Fine Gael! No Prom note bounce for the government - we still hate their guts. Where will this end? Ming for Taoiseach!

Friday 15 February 2013

Ming Supports Cutbacks!

Ming Flanagan tweets a link to my 'Ming Corrupt Gardai and Clare Daly Drink Driving' video. Jazis! I'm finally making an impression here? Well spotted avid 'cutbacks' fan killbotone.

'Stop motion version of Vincent Browne Show re Garda Corruption' tweets Ming! Thank you!

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Pope Resigns - Shock Continues

The shock continues in the wake of the Pope's surprise resignation. Who'll be the next Pope? Someone from South America? A liberal moderniser? A woman?

Friday 8 February 2013

Clare Daly, Mick and Ming - Penalty Points

Just a reminder why Clare Daly might have been fitted up by the gardai on drink driving charges in the first place. Way back from 21st December 2012, Ming, Mick and Clare investigate penalty points...

Clare Daly Innocent!

Clare Daly, cleared of all drink driving charges, now wonders why the gardai handcuffed her, locked her in a cell, tweeted their friends and called all the newspapers... 'standard procedure' they assured her... Here are Ming, Clare and Vincent...

Ireland's Miracle Bank Debt Deal!

Enda Kenny's Irish government can do no wrong - forget no government apologies for the Magdalene Laundry scandal, forget hospital closures, patients on trolleys, the closure of rural garda stations, Fine Gael cronyism within the cabinet and a raft of new taxes on all citizens (but especially on the poor). Enda's riding high (on our backs). He's secured his deal on Anglo promissiory notes and is now in Brussels, fixing the European Union's budget!

Next stop, a General Election - time to ditch those pesky Labour parasites!

The Sequel - Folk Furniture Name Change!

Tony Donoghue, still reeling from his Sundance win, has requested that I change the name on my first 'Folk Furniture' video, where battered wardrobes and dressers discuss dryrot, woodworm and big screws. Tony says that people, searching for his film on Youtube, were finding mine. Apologies! These are the perils of internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)! Though my cutbacks video views seem to be relatively flat, the cutbacks series remains relatively prominent on search engines. No Problem - I've renamed my video 'The Sequel - Folk Furniture'.

Tony's request to makes changes to my video also points to the need for some form of 'video update' feature on Youtube. In this instance, there was no way to change the title on the video itself, except by using the rather unsatisfactory annotations-label function (which is not designed for retitling videos). The Youtube Video Editor can do text but it won't blur off an area of the screen to obcure the original titles.

We need occasional access to a Youtube video update feature.

Here's the second Folk Furniture instalment, in which a dresser shows her drawers... Barry O' Donoghue says that they seem to be 'floating in space' - my mistake (messing with the greenscreen)...


Saturday 2 February 2013

Twitter Hacked!

As 250,000 Twitter accounts are hacked by 'China-based hackers', Google chairman Eric Schmidt calls China "an internet menace", "the world's most active and enthusiastic filterer of information" and "the most sophisticated and prolific" hacker of foreign companies!
The New York Times quotes Schmidt's new book 'The New Digital Age' - "The disparity between American and Chinese firms and their tactics will put both the government and the companies of the United States as a distinct disadvantage." Never mind the United States! The entire world will lose this cyberwar against the massed Chinese hackers if things stay as they are! Who's teaching the next generation of western internet hackers? Where are our government-sponsored hacker training programmes?

China dismisses such hacking accusations as "groundless" and "totally irresponsible".
Meanwhile, Rinky revels in The Twitter hack! Every cloud has a silver lining!

500th Cutbacks Episode!

Jazis! I've just noticed that yesterday's video 'More Folk Furniture' is marked as the 500th episode of cutbacks! 500 episodes since September 2009... I feel it!

Sunday 27 January 2013

Irish Folk Furniture - The Sequel

With apologies to Tony Donoghue, (and continued congratulations on his Sundance win), I present as a cutbacks homage, 'Irish Folk Furniture - The Sequel'! Wardrobes and dressers discussing woodworm, dryrot, loose knobs and big screws...

Lovingly made over five hours on a Sunday, using cardboard and masking tape...

Jazis, the threeamazingmen point out that 'it seems a little Sminky inspired'... True enough, the wardrobe does sound a bit Sminky...


Saturday 26 January 2013

Late Night Work Club

Nice Tweet from Eimhin McNamara about his Late Night Work Club project...

Late Night Work Club is a loose, rotating collective of indie animators. That is, animators who do independent, non-commercial work. It’s an excuse to bring a whole bunch of us together and make something great, and also to promote the work of the artists involved. Some of the best, most personal, experimental and vital animation going right now is happening on the internet. It’s being made late at night when other people have gone to sleep and on weekends when everyone else is out. It’s being made by students, freelancers, full-timers and folks with unrelated day jobs. It means something to us. It’s our scene.

We like to make things, so let’s make things together. Grab a seat and stay up late with us.

Direct all comments, inquiries, bribes and threats to

Eamonn O’Neill

Thanks to Eimhin McNamara for tweeting a great Bafta blogpost on Eamonn O’Neill, proud Arklow man and IADT graduate, who's been nominated for a Bafta for his RCA film 'I'm Fine Thanks'...

The Bafta blogpost is a really honest insight into the precarious nature of the personal film making process. I love this quote from Eamonn...

I can say that making films does not get easier. I am constantly filled with self-doubt and always questioning what I am doing. Thankfully, being nominated for something like a BAFTA helps to quell those fears and doubts and replaces them with a whole new set to contend with. Until the next film at least. Nonetheless, it’s become clear to me that you have to keep making things; you get itchy if you don't. You have to keep writing, keep drawing, keep shooting, keep thinking and keep feeling your way through. After that you can show it to people. You never know, maybe good things will happen.

Best of luck to Eamonn in the Baftas! Fingers crossed!
Full blogpost available at...