Friday 8 February 2013

The Sequel - Folk Furniture Name Change!

Tony Donoghue, still reeling from his Sundance win, has requested that I change the name on my first 'Folk Furniture' video, where battered wardrobes and dressers discuss dryrot, woodworm and big screws. Tony says that people, searching for his film on Youtube, were finding mine. Apologies! These are the perils of internet Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)! Though my cutbacks video views seem to be relatively flat, the cutbacks series remains relatively prominent on search engines. No Problem - I've renamed my video 'The Sequel - Folk Furniture'.

Tony's request to makes changes to my video also points to the need for some form of 'video update' feature on Youtube. In this instance, there was no way to change the title on the video itself, except by using the rather unsatisfactory annotations-label function (which is not designed for retitling videos). The Youtube Video Editor can do text but it won't blur off an area of the screen to obcure the original titles.

We need occasional access to a Youtube video update feature.

Here's the second Folk Furniture instalment, in which a dresser shows her drawers... Barry O' Donoghue says that they seem to be 'floating in space' - my mistake (messing with the greenscreen)...


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