Monday 27 May 2013

Fastnet is Done!

Monday morning and we're waiting for the van to arrive from Tipp to derig the Schull windows after the hugely successful 2013 Corona Fastnet Film Festival! Commendations to Maurice, Maria, Marie, Bridie, Helen, Hilary, all the Fastnet volunteers, Martin, Colin and Emmett! Great round-table discussion yesterday (Sunday) with Darragh O' Connell, Rob Cullen and Gerard O' Rourke - thanks to the guys for making the effort to come down for the Festival! Thanks too to Katy for keeping me straight for the weekend!

Here's me about to present the Best Animation prize to Lorcan Finnegan (for Conor Finnegan's 'Fear of Flying'). Congrats to Conor (and to Lorcan too for Best Director)!

And a close-up of my 'To Forget' window in Headquarters Hairdressers in Schull...

Saturday 25 May 2013

Schull Windows - Doc's images

Finished my 'Anatomy of An Internet Series' presentation in Schull today, at the 2013 Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival - all good! Here are two images taken by Brown Bag's Darragh O' Connell, of me with two of my 'museum' windows...

schull - dunin window

schull - to forget window

Monday 20 May 2013

All the Fastnet Windows!

The addresses for the Fastnet Short Film Festival windows in Schull, County Cork... The frontpage of the Festival website describes the installations like this...

Check out Arundel’s, Whyte’s Bookshop, Schull Dentist, the festival Box-Office, Headquarters Hairdressers and Divecology have all had their windows transformed by David Quin and Katy Goodhue into a temporary museum celebrating 36 years of stop-motion animation by the Quin family.

bailebeag window from schull

The information for the windows is at the following blogspot addresses...

Friday 17 May 2013

Fastnet - Daisy Shoe, Floradora and Neddy

Three more RTE stopmotion series from the late 1980's and early 1990's - Daisy Shoe, Floradora and Neddy. Characters featured here are Floradora's Roko, Polly, Frederick, The Colonel and Mirandabelle, The Daisy Shoe's Porky Pete, Bunny, Bossy Duck and Nutty the Rooster and Neddy's Joey and Maeve.

Floradora -The Colonel, Roko and Mirandabelle

The Daisy Shoe and Mirandabelle were constructed using aeroboard foam. It was light and easy to carve into curving, organic shapes, a much more flexible material than the wood of the early ‘Bailebeag’ sets.
The Daisy Shoe - Nutty The Rooster
Floradora was written by Margaret Connolly and was animated by Jim Quin and David Quin. Both the Daisy Shoe and Neddy were written, directed and animated by David Quin.

Neddy with a boat

Fastnet - The Art of Animation Window

This window features models from 'Jack O' Metti', one of David Quin's many incomplete short films. The window also features stopmotion characters from 'This Terrible Visitation', yet another abandoned project about The Famine. Something of the chaos of the stopmotion workshop is suggested by the recreated workbench - a mishmash of wire, acrylic paint, models, cardboard, tools, postcards, cigarette packets, sketches and drawings.

Jack O' Metti

Jack O' Metti - the Studio

Fastnet - 'cutbacks' window

'cutbacks' is David Quin's satirical internet series. Started in 2009, the series has shamelessly lampooned Irish political and public figures and hit big viewing figures during the recent Irish Presidential campaign. Several short films have emerged from the ‘cutbacks’ series. ‘Mister Heaney, a wee portrait’ won Best Animation at the 2010 Galway Film Fleadh and ‘leitronium’ won the Irish Consulate Award at the 2012 Chicago Irish Film Festival. Both trophies are displayed in this window, along with a cardboard factory set and a Seamus Heaney mask from ‘leitronium’.

Mister Heaney on Silver Strand, Sherkin Island, Cork

cutbacks - President Michael D. Higgins
The cutbacks series is available at... 2010
The cutbacks short film 'leitronium' is available at...
The cutbacks short film 'Rinkydink and The Salmon of Knowledge' is available at...

Fastnet - 'To Forget' Window

'To Forget' was David Quin's first stopmotion short film, produced in 1991 on 16mm film. The film was 15 minutes long and received an Arts Council Film and Video Award.

To Forget - The Fool and Rosa
The film told the story of a fool who wandered the world in his unhappy attempts to forget the love of his life, the beautiful Rosa. This film was heavily influenced by the 1991 Gulf War. This window also features some of David Quin’s sculptures, three figurative works and an abstract ‘Tall Tower’.

To Forget - A Death of The Fool

To Forget - War Machines

Fastnet - Dunin and Circus Window

In the late 1990's RTE decided to replace the perennial 'Bosco' series with a new pre-school series called 'The Morbegs'. David Quin produced three series of inserts for The Morbegs 'Dúnín', 'Circus' and 'Machines'.
This window features sets from 'Dunin', as well as stopmotion characters from 'Circus' and 'Dúnín, including the largest stopmotion character we ever built, the giant Deirdre.

Dunin - Deirdre The Giant

Dunin - Gruigeach

Dunin - Queen Minnie

Dunin - Luchin the magical mouse

Fastnet - 'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' Window

'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' was a short film funded by the Frameworks scheme (RTE, Film Board, Arts Council) in 2009 and produced by Steve Woods. 'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' told the story of coal miners from Sleveardagh in County Tipperary, in their own words. The voice for the film emerged from a schools project run by David Quin's wife, sculptor Katy Goodhue.
T'Was a Terrible Hard Work - drilling
'T'was a Terrible Hard Work' won Best Animation at the 2010 Corona Fastnet Film Festival and is also featured in The 2013 Fastnet Film Festival Horsebox, interpreted by local artist Deirdre Cairns.
T'Was a Terrible Hard Work - tub of muck


Fastnet - Bosco and Bailebeag Window

This window shows models from Quin Films earliest stopmotion projects. Jim Quin started animating stopmotion series for RTE in 1976, starting with 'Bailebeag', an ambitious series in Irish and English. Jim Quin then animated hundreds of inserts for RTE's Bosco series, including 'Tongue Twisters', 'Gregory Grainneog', 'Aesop's Tales' and 'Faherty's Garden. 'Gregory Grainneog' was the first Irish claymation series. Some characters from RTE’s ‘Muintir na Móna’ are also shown.

Bosco - Tongue Twisters
The characters for Tongue Twisters, Muintir na Móna and Aesops were designed and built by Monica Mc Cormick.
Bosco - Faherty's Garden - Cornelius The Crow
Many of the original Bailebeag sets were constructed in the woodshop in The National Film Studios in Bray, Co. Wicklow, truly miniature film sets.
Bailebeag - Jimin and Sean
Bailebeag was revived in 1984, with new models and a stopmotion system based on one developed by Oliver Postgate (of 'Bagpuss' and 'Clangers' fame). The ‘Uncle Benny’s’ garage in the window was built in 1984 by Paddy Glynn. David Quin designed and constructed all of the Quin Film's stopmotion models from 1984 onwards.