Friday 17 May 2013

Fastnet - Daisy Shoe, Floradora and Neddy

Three more RTE stopmotion series from the late 1980's and early 1990's - Daisy Shoe, Floradora and Neddy. Characters featured here are Floradora's Roko, Polly, Frederick, The Colonel and Mirandabelle, The Daisy Shoe's Porky Pete, Bunny, Bossy Duck and Nutty the Rooster and Neddy's Joey and Maeve.

Floradora -The Colonel, Roko and Mirandabelle

The Daisy Shoe and Mirandabelle were constructed using aeroboard foam. It was light and easy to carve into curving, organic shapes, a much more flexible material than the wood of the early ‘Bailebeag’ sets.
The Daisy Shoe - Nutty The Rooster
Floradora was written by Margaret Connolly and was animated by Jim Quin and David Quin. Both the Daisy Shoe and Neddy were written, directed and animated by David Quin.

Neddy with a boat

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