Wednesday 27 February 2013

Youtube Video Views culled!

The dreaded day has come! Video views on the 'cutbacks' channel on Youtube have been slashed back to October 2011 figures, from 373,000 to 158,000. How could this happen? Well, channel video views now only counts views from what Youtube term 'active' videos. Naively, in the past, I used to delete videos from the channel, to 'freshen it up'. How wrong was I!

Here's the rather formal message from our friends in Youtube...

The view count shown on your YouTube channel now includes only views from public videos. To include views from private or unlisted videos, change them to 'public'. YouTube Analytics channel view counts will continue to include views from all videos that were public at the time the view occurred even if the videos are now private, unlisted, or deleted.
It still feels like a 'loss' of 215,000 honestly earned video views. Wow, these internet video platforms sure have a way of demoralising content producers and creatives... Don't they know how paranoid, tired and vulnerable we are? I don't take these issues to heart...


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