Wednesday 20 March 2013

Maynooth - Digital Media

David Quin has been invited back to NUI Maynooth to give a cutbacks/Brown Bag Films presentation to final year Digital Media students on the 17th April 2013!

Maynooth's Barry Mc Cabe writes...

The module is Multimedia Production Management, and it is for final year Digital Media students. Myself and Yvonne McDonald teach this course and we take a practical approach to the module in that we split the students into groups and give them specific projects to manage, and the marks for the semester are based on their progress with managing the process.

Also, we get people from the industry in to give them talks on various aspects of digital media in the real, working world. We have had people from Facebook, Google, Webfactory, Havok etc come in at various times.

So the theme of the talks is primarily how digital media works in the real world and how can the students apply their skills going forward. You experience with Brown Bag and would make for an extremely interesting talk.

I look forward to it... Of course, I'll have to talk to my pals in BB first - get some corporate clearances!

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