Sunday 27 May 2012


Never mind the disappointment of the Eurovision (get over it people, the Russian grannies' church, demolished by Stalin, will never now be rebuilt...). We have a Referendum to defeat! Unless you're too scared to vote 'no'? After all, the government, aided by their pals in RTE News and The Irish Times, have been doing their damndest to scare the pants off the population for weeks. There are no other options? This is the only way? We need stability?

These are rollercoaster times people - we need agility, ideas and good judgement, not a pretence of conservative stability. But then... Politicians are neither agile, clever or quick witted. Who voted these assholes into power? Oh yeh... The poeple did...

Here are Ming and Mick, two stalwart revolutionaries... Vote 'no'...

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