Wednesday 19 December 2012

Dailymotion Remove 5,212 Views!

This week, Dailymotion removed 5,212 views from my Official ‘cutbacks’ channel! We’ve had readjustments of a few hundred views over recent months, but a reduction of 5,212 seems a little ‘excessive’? Are people in Paris working hard to keep my Dailymotion channel capped off at around 50,000 views? My viewing figures on DM are averaging around 500 per week.  I’ve toyed with the idea of withdrawing from the DM platform altogether. I even stopped uploading to the site a few months ago, but I relented a few weeks later. I object to the fact that Dailymotion have been placing long preroll video ads in front of my videos for a long time, without my permission and without making any payments to me. And I don’t get any useful analytical information from Dailymotion. And Dailymotion seem to be using really slow servers to replay the videos.
Now Dailymotion are introducing their new VoD system. I send them an email, expressing interest and I get… No reply. I’m an Official user, with a contract! No reply…

I think I’m talking myself out of Dailymotion once more? Why am I persisting with them? I started ‘cutbacks’ on Dailymotion way back in 2009. I’m remaining loyal to the platform?

Answers on a postcard please...

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