Thursday 17 January 2013

Advice On Starting Your Youtube Channel

My old pal Terry Reilly is a recent fan of 'cutbacks' and he's dipping his toe into internet video with his BrainFreeze channel 'animation comedy nonsense'. Terry's asking for some advice... What can I say?

Keep the videos short and funny. Set regular upload targets - if it's one video per month, then upload one video per month. Regular uploads keep your audience coming back - they want to see new stuff if they already like your stuff. With IP that's not topical or news related, you can produce a few of them when you have time, then upload them when you've no time. Every video uploaded is a learning experience. You'll find out what the audience likes, what's working, what's not working. Comments and emails will build your ideas about what's working. I'm not sure about mixing the animation, live-action and how-to videos - as in the TerrysDope channel? It could be viewed as 'lack of focus'. It could be seen as 'healthy diversification of your IP'. Whether live-action or animation, keep the funny videos short - top quality timing in all of them. Upload regularly! Keep going!

Here's Terry's latest 'knockers' video... Not a bad start!

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