Tuesday 28 January 2014

Cutbacks Mention on Reddit!

Thanks to Grainne Kirwan for spotting this 'cutbacks' related string on Reddit... Lots of good accurate critical analysis here...

Just discovered my old lecturer from college makes animated youtube videos in his spare time. They're actually pretty good! I think they deserve more than the handful of views they're getting.

submitted 20 hours ago by gapmunky

bolg 18 hours ago
I remember these - used to watch them quite a bit with friends in/around 2011 especially the Mick n Ming ones...then for some reason a lot of them disappeared...anyways, this will make perfect procrastination material for my exam study!

mcctaggart 18 hours ago
I've been subscribed for a while and also think he deserves more views. I like his animation style and I admire how quickly he can put together a video about any particular current event. It must take a lot of work just making the puppets let alone animating them.
But I think his satire needs to be stronger, more biting, fouler or darker or possibly surreal for people to notice. I think if he had a dedicated co-writer from the Scrap Saturday/Spitting Image mould, that would push the humour of the pieces and he would receive wide acclaim and probably a spot on tv in some capacity.

gapmunky 18 hours ago
I think he'd be better if he satired world events more like in this bieber one. He usually only does very niche stuff in irish culture and politics that not many people would get.

mcctaggart 18 hours ago
nah, there is a huge appetite for the satirization of politicians and figures in high society. Scrap Saturday used to be massive because the jokes ripped them apart.

gapmunky 18 hours ago
I've never heard of that until now! interesting.

gapmunky  20 hours ago
Sorry about linking to the middle of the video! :/

abitterthrowaway 1 point 13 hours ago
This one is excellent: http://youtu.be/Q6TY00yTFoA

karma-toes 12 hours ago
Story of the week!

brim4brim 9 hours ago
Used to listen to these all the time until I stopped going to YouTube

devilabit 13 hours ago
I think he might need to improve the tag names on the video in youtube settings. The JB name should gather more views that way.

OutRunTerminator  20 hours ago
Better than Podge and Rodge...


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