Saturday 5 April 2014

All Good Things!

Highly talented (but impoverished) award year Animation students from IADT are holding an off-campus exhibition/screening/event in Dublin's Lighthouse Cinema and Block T in June. The kids are funding the exhibition through cake sales and Fundit! Give generously and become part of the project!

We are all IADT students, but ALL GOOD THINGS is not an IADT event, it's completely independent and self-generated. However, hosting an exhibition and screening, printing artwork, creating a zine and serving food & refreshments doesn't come cheap, so we've set up a FUND IT campaign to help cover a portion of the costs. 

We'd appreciate any contribution you could make! In return we're offering a range of rewards, and you'd be investing in the night itself, our artwork, and our futures.

Check out our FUND IT page here:

Become part of some epic animation stories!

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