Friday 24 April 2015

President Michael D. Higgins and Armenian Genocide Day

After 11 months without any 'cutbacks' uploads, I was forced to respond to President Michael D's participation in Turkey's Gallipoli commemoration ceremonies, moved by the Turkish government from the usual date of 25th of April to the 24th of April - why? Purely to clash, coincide with and eclipse the 100th remembrance of the Armenian Genocide, traditionally remembered each year on April 24th. Sure, remembering the Irish dead in Gallipoli is great, but not on this particular day, and not in Turkey on this particular day... This is what Michael D. should have said in Turkey today...

Tonight, points out that the Irish PM (Enda Kenny) has failed to use the word 'genocide' in expressing his condolences for the Armenians' 'terrible suffering and loss'...

The Armenians are using the forget-me-not flower as the symbol of their genocide remembrance. The remembrance campaign is titled 'remember and demand' (demand that the genocide is recognised.

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